Roof Inspections & Testing

Comprehensive diagnostic services for complete roofing systems.

Facade Inspections & Testing

Full-service facade testing for commercial building envelopes.

Window / Glazing Testing & Diagnostics

Complete professional inspections for windows and glazing systems.

Air & Water Leak Diagnostics

Advanced air and water leak analysis for informed decision making.

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing

Thorough air barrier testing for new construction and existing buildings.

Electrical Testing

Non-destructive electrical testing for safety and insurance requirements.


New Construction Solutions

Maximize your building envelope performance at every stage of construction, from spec to completion.
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Existing Construction Solutions

Optimize the lifespan of your existing building envelope with routine maintenance solutions.
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Specialty Solutions

Choose from a range of specialty solutions, customized for your unique building envelope needs.
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Why Work With Energy Star Partner Inspectors

Overhead costs are often the deciding factor for a company being profitable or going out of business. Finding effective ways to manage costs is critical to success and next to the monthly lease or loan payment for real property, the cost to operate that property is the next biggest ticket item. Understanding energy costs, determining the best methods to reduce those costs as well as maintaining a safe and comfortable workplace for both employees and customers are important to success. Selecting an Energy Star Partner to guide you through the many options available to you just makes good business sense.

Superior Energy Management

Energy Star is the most recognizable program in the energy management sector. As a consumer, their logo and program are found on many products certified to reduce energy consumption. The EPA also partners with service providers to bring this trusted program to many other aspects of energy consumption both in the home and in the workplace. The focus of the program is not just on reducing energy usage but balancing the needs of your business with proven methods to get results.

Energy Star Partner Inspectors

Inspectors who partner with Energy Star gain access to the best training and tools available in the industry. Technology changes so fast these days. Ten years ago most people didn’t carry smartphones, Bluetooth and wireless technology in cars were rare and now these things are more common than not. Energy management technology is no different. New systems can be controlled with a smartphone. Equipment is more efficient. Solar and wind options are not only more prevalent but more efficient and cost-effective. Keeping up to date on these changes can make a big difference in the options presented to business owners. Energy Star partners not only have access to, but are required to keep concurrent on changing requirements.

Track Record of Success

Partners provide one of the most proven programs in the energy efficiency and green building programs in the country. Unlike newer programs, Energy Star has a proven track record with results to back up the claims presented as part of the program. In 2016 alone, commercial buildings participating in the program racked up over $10 billion in energy savings. With guidance from a certified inspector, you can evaluate the costs and benefits of potential changes and track the results over time.

While certification requires certain benchmarks and standards, partners are trained to provide you with steps over time to achieve these standards. Many programs look for an all or nothing approach to green building and energy efficiency. Energy Star Partners can layout a program that takes your business model, current budget and future plans into consideration. A cornerstone of Energy Star is balancing environmental goals with the people and finances of the target organization.

The bottom line is that when you are looking for an energy solution partner, you’ll want to work with a group that meets some of the industry’s highest standards. If you haven’t explored the benefits of an Energy Star partner for your business, call and schedule a consultation with Building Envelope Allies, an approved partner. It’s time to start realizing the savings this summer!