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Comprehensive diagnostic services for complete roofing systems.

Facade Inspections & Testing

Full-service facade testing for commercial building envelopes.

Window / Glazing Testing & Diagnostics

Complete professional inspections for windows and glazing systems.

Air & Water Leak Diagnostics

Advanced air and water leak analysis for informed decision making.

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing

Thorough air barrier testing for new construction and existing buildings.

Electrical Testing

Non-destructive electrical testing for safety and insurance requirements.


New Construction Solutions

Maximize your building envelope performance at every stage of construction, from spec to completion.
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Optimize the lifespan of your existing building envelope with routine maintenance solutions.
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Whole Building Air Leakage Testing

Our independent building enclosure professionals perform whole building air leakage testing to meet code, optimize indoor air quality, and maximize building lifespan.

Identify Air & Water Leaks

Meet Professional Building Standards

Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Air Leakage Testing for Every Stage of the Building Lifecycle

building envelope allies inspector conducting air barrier testing in a commercial building

Construction Phase

Our building envelope specialists provide site consulting and inspections during construction to guard against installation errors and leaks.

doors with fans set up for commercial air barrier testing

End of Construction

Once the project is done, we perform whole building air leakage testing to ensure air tightness and meet code requirements.

whole building air barrier testing

Maintenance phase

Air leakage testing is a nondestructive and effective way to diagnose common maintenance issues, from mold problems to high utility bills.

Expert Testing to Professional Standards

Our whole building air leakage testing service covers the following ASTM standard(s):


ASTM E1827

Standard Test Methods For Determining Airtightness Of Buildings



Standard Test Method For Determining Air Leakage Rate By Fan Pressurization

Building Envelope Solutions Made Simple

Complete Inspection & Testing Packages for Better Performance

Ensure quality and efficiency with our bundled service packages.

Advanced Leak Diagnostics Package

A comprehensive independent inspection to detect troublesome water and air leaks that contractors haven’t identified or fixed.

  • Water leakage testing on windows, walls, and roofs
  • Air leakage testing on windows, walls, and whole buildings
  • Detect building envelope deficiencies early
  • Identify any active leak entry points, so they can be fixed
  • Hold relevant contractors accountable

ASTM C1060

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing FAQs

Am I required to have Whole Building Air Leakage Testing?

While the US military has specific requirements pertaining to testing, not all States have requirements. This often falls on the building owner’s request or desire to have reassurance that their facility was properly constructed.

How is Air Barrier Square determined?

This is a combination of the roof, wall and exterior wall square footage (a six sided box).

Is there a way to assess an air barrier approach prior to construction?

When reviewing building plans, you should be able to trace the air barrier with a pencil all the way around a building. If you have to lift the pencil at any time…there will be an issue.

building envelope allies inspectors discussing results of air barrier testing

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