Roof Inspections & Testing

Comprehensive diagnostic services for complete roofing systems.

Facade Inspections & Testing

Full-service facade testing for commercial building envelopes.

Window / Glazing Testing & Diagnostics

Complete professional inspections for windows and glazing systems.

Air & Water Leak Diagnostics

Advanced air and water leak analysis for informed decision making.

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing

Thorough air barrier testing for new construction and existing buildings.

Electrical Testing

Non-destructive electrical testing for safety and insurance requirements.


New Construction Solutions

Maximize your building envelope performance at every stage of construction, from spec to completion.
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Existing Construction Solutions

Optimize the lifespan of your existing building envelope with routine maintenance solutions.
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Specialty Solutions

Choose from a range of specialty solutions, customized for your unique building envelope needs.
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Commercial Roof
Inspections & Testing

Our independent building enclosure professionals address complete roofing systems, including the supporting structures and integration details that tie in with enclosing or perimeter elements.

Roofing System Specification

Roof ASTM Compliance

Diagnostic & Final Inspections

Root Cause Leak Detection

Nuclear Roof Moisture Surveys

From Plan to Completion, We Have Your Roof Covered

construction team meeting over building blueprints

Pre-Construction Phase

Our building envelope specialists review your design plans and evaluate the integrity of the proposed roofing system and perimeter elements.

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Construction Phase

Our team works alongside you, your architects, and your contractors, performing inspections to meet applicable ASTM standards.

building envelope allies inspector examining a commercial roof

Maintenance Phase

Routine inspections from our building envelope specialists helps ensure you get the longest life from your commercial roofing system.

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Emergency Inspections

If your roof fails, we can conduct comprehensive emergency inspections to detect the root cause and propose a solution.

Expert Testing to Professional Standards

Our commercial roof inspection & testing services cover the following ASTM standards:


ASTM C1153

Standard Practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging


ASTM D7877

Standard Guide for Electronic Methods for Detecting and Locating Leaks in Waterproof Membranes

Building Envelope Solutions Made Simple

Complete Inspection & Testing Packages for Better Performance

Ensure quality and efficiency with our bundled service packages.

Roof Warranty
Inspection Package

An independent review of your roofing system to determine if the installation provides a waterproof barrier that meets warranty requirements.

  • Visual inspection during roof installation
  • Visual inspection after roof installation
  • Detection of leak entry points roofing contractors may have missed
  • Fulfill warranty compliance requirements
  • Verify system is installed properly
  • Verify installed system is maintained in warrantable condition

ASTM C1153

Installation Quality
Assurance Package

Air and water leakage testing on the roof, walls, and windows to ensure the installation meets design criteria and applicable building standards.

  • Whole-building testing to verify all components meet design criteria (including air barriers, curtain walls, façades, roofs, walls, and windows)
  • Early and constant testing throughout construction
  • Verify installed components meet air, water, and other relevant building standards
  • Verify finished product will meet owner/contractor expectations

AAMA 501.2, ASTM C1060, ASTM C1153, ASTM C1715, ASTM E330, ASTM E331, ASTM E779, ASTM E783, ASTM E1105, ASTM E1186, ASTM E2128, ASTM D7877

Commercial Roof Inspections & Testing FAQs

When do I need a Nuclear Roof Scan versus an Infrared Roof Scan?

Nuclear Roof Scans are typically used when the roof membrane is covered with overburden. This can be ballast (rock), pavers and or vegetative covering.

How long should a new roof last?

This depends on numerous factors. The life of a roof can be extended by routine inspections and maintenance. Is can be decreased by abuse, excessive foot traffic, HVAC service and a lack of preventative maintenance. Different types of roofing systems have vastly different life expectancies.

How does an Infrared Camera find water?

Contrary to belief, IR cameras do not detect moisture. They show a thermal image of the temperature of the substrate being scanned. Since wet building materials are more dense than dry materials (of the same content), the wet areas absorb energy and release stored energy slower than dry materials. Due to this factor, the wet materials are generally indicated as cooler in the infrared image.

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