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Why Should I Get An Infrared Electrical System Scan?

Fires are one of the leading causes of destruction and losses for non-residential building owners. According to the most recent data available from the United States Fire Administration, in 2016 alone, there were 96,800 fires, 145 deaths, and more than $2,000,000,000 dollars in losses. Unfortunately, these trends are showing continued growth in non-residential buildings, and there is clearly much more to be done in limiting and preventing the impact of these devastating fires. One way many building owners have found to address issues before a catastrophic event is through infrared electrical system scans.

What is an Infrared Electrical System Scan?

Infrared Scans or IR Analysis are terms used to describe the system of using infrared imaging camera technology to see and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. This light is not visible to the human eye but provides important information into the efficiency and safety of commercial and non-residential buildings. These system scans find hot and dangerous problems using scanning systems to see what is going on inside of the electrical system before a fire occurs. These tests help correct problems long before a fire and keep the safety and peace of mind secure for occupants of the building and building owners.

How does an Infrared Electrical System Scan Work?

Infrared cameras are used by certified technicians to assess the heat emitted from electrical connections within the building. These images look at the inner-workings of electrical systems without invasive analysis. Depending on the level of temperature differences, professionally certified thermographers will assess these levels and determine whether a hot spot necessitates further investigation. As part of a regular preventative maintenance plan, these assessments help keep buildings, and the people who work within them, safe.

Benefits of Infrared Electrical System Scans

Aside from the safety benefits, Infrared Electrical System Scans offer other benefits for commercial building owners. First, it gives you a full assessment of the building to understand what is going on at all times. It also gives you peace of mind that electrical systems are running smoothly. Finally, one enormous benefit for some building owners is the potential for discounts through insurance carriers for implementing these risk management programs. Depending on your provider, you could receive premium discounts for having an infrared system scan as part of your preventative maintenance. It is also important to note that some insurance companies require these scans to be part of a robust plan to qualify for coverage. Be sure you know where you stand with Infrared Electrical Scans and have a process in place to make sure all the boxes are checked and your building is safe.

When Should I Get an Infrared System Scan?

The first question to ask yourself when considering an infrared system scan is ‘when was the last time my building was scanned?’. If it has been more than a year, it is past time for your Infrared System Scan. According to the National Fire Protection Association, commercial buildings and industrial buildings should have an Infrared System Scan at least once a year. If it has been more than a year since your last scan, the time to schedule is now. Another great time for a survey is when considering your insurance rates. You could see considerable savings in your insurance rates with a robust preventative maintenance plan in place. If you are in the market for new insurance, it’s a great time to schedule a scan.

In summary, infrared electrical scans are beneficial for the safety or your commercial building and the people who work within them. They can also save money in preventing a catastrophe before it happens. As part of a preventative maintenance plan, these scans can lower insurance costs and offer you more peace of mind in managing your building’s electrical systems. If you’re ready to save money and improve the safety of your commercial building, contact our team of certified technicians to schedule your scan and build an ongoing plan for keeping all systems in peak performance.