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Spray Nozzle Water Leak Testing With AAMA 501.2 Standard

If you’re in the process of completing a new building project, now is the perfect time for spray nozzle water leak testing. Before the designers start laying out color swatches and paint samples for the interior of the building, it’s highly recommended that the building be put through a water leak test. This test is designed to identify any water leak sites that may be hidden to the visible eye.

What Is Spray Nozzle Testing?

The AAMA 501.2 standard is designed to test the water tightness of large glass areas that are permanently sealed. These areas usually include storefronts, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems. The entire principle behind the spray nozzle water leak testing is to identify issues with the installation of the glass area. The test itself focuses on at least 100 square feet of the wall and includes the edge of the glass surface.

When Should Water Leak Testing Be Performed?

Because unfinished walls reveal moisture better than finished walls, the test will ideally be performed before the walls of the interior of the building are finished. The goal of the leak test is to identify any issues with the building curtain wall that could potentially allow water leakage or intrusion. According to the AAMA 501.2 standard, water leaks are any uncontrolled water that can cause damage to adjacent materials or finishes. If the issues identified by leak testing are not properly addressed before finishing the interior of the building, water could leak inside of the building and cause serious damage to the finished components.

Who Should Perform Spray Nozzle Water Leak Testing?

Spray nozzle water leak testing needs to be performed by a qualified building envelope testing company. The guide for testing is very specific and must be followed in order for the test to be completely accurate. A constant pressure of water between 30-35 psi is applied from a ¾ inch hose fitted with a Type B-25 brass nozzle. As the water is sprayed, the nozzle is held one foot away from the glass and moved slowly back and forth for five minutes.

Why Is Spray Nozzle Water Leak Testing Important?

A water leak, no matter how small, in your building curtain wall can cause serious issues for your building and your tenants. If any leak is identified during AAMA 501.2 testing, you can remedy the issue easier if caught before the interior of the building is finished. If the leak isn’t detected until the building is complete, you’ll end up spending a large portion of your building maintenance budget correcting the leak issue, not to mention, the leak could cause mold and mildew to form on the interior of your building.

Before you put the finishing touches on your building, let the experts at Building Envelope Allies make sure the building is watertight. Contact us today to schedule your water leak testing!