Roof Inspections & Testing

Comprehensive diagnostic services for complete roofing systems.

Facade Inspections & Testing

Full-service facade testing for commercial building envelopes.

Window / Glazing Testing & Diagnostics

Complete professional inspections for windows and glazing systems.

Air & Water Leak Diagnostics

Advanced air and water leak analysis for informed decision making.

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing

Thorough air barrier testing for new construction and existing buildings.

Electrical Testing

Non-destructive electrical testing for safety and insurance requirements.


New Construction Solutions

Maximize your building envelope performance at every stage of construction, from spec to completion.
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Existing Construction Solutions

Optimize the lifespan of your existing building envelope with routine maintenance solutions.
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Specialty Solutions

Choose from a range of specialty solutions, customized for your unique building envelope needs.
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Designing your business energy efficiency program

Business energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for commercial building owners. You probably know that implementing energy improvements is good for the planet — but that’s not the only benefit. It also has the power to reduce utility bills and improve your building’s comfort.

As most building owners know, monitoring energy efficiency is no easy task. Every commercial building is different, and that’s why Building Envelope Allies offers customizable business energy efficiency programs.

With our utility management services, we work with you to define your energy goals. We design your business energy efficiency program based on your building and its unique characteristics. Along with your specific goals, we’ll help you increase your building’s energy efficiency to reduce commercial utility costs.

Components of a business energy efficiency program

New construction energy audits

If you’re in the process of constructing a new commercial building, it’s never too early to involve our energy consultants.

Our team specializes in building diagnostics for construction projects at every stage. We review building plans and perform walk-throughs during construction to ensure your building meets applicable ASTM standards.

Working from an energy efficiency standpoint at the start ensures the end result is a sealed commercial building that’s more energy efficient and cost effective. If you’re interested, we offer Energy Star certification services too.

One-time energy audits for existing buildings

If you have an existing commercial building (or several) and you’re not sure how to start making energy improvements, a one-time energy audit can help.

We perform comprehensive energy audits for commercial buildings of all sizes to identify air leaks, water leaks, and other inefficiencies. We use non destructive testing, like infrared scans, to examine systems behind walls and in inaccessible areas.

You get a comprehensive report at the end of the audit, which you can use to implement energy improvements to lower your commercial operating costs.

Energy audits can provide valuable insights into your building’s vulnerabilities. Diagnostic testing helps you understand where repairs are needed, and implementing fixes can make your existing energy systems more efficient.

Preventative maintenance

We also offer ongoing maintenance programs to help building owners maintain energy efficiency. Following your energy audit, we work with you to implement improvements and perform regular inspections.

We adjust your inspections based on things like the age of your building, its purpose, location, size, and more. Choosing a maintenance plan makes it easier for you to track small changes and identify inefficiencies quickly, before they become costly and more complicated to fix.

Designing a business energy efficiency program means taking a proactive approach to energy use and building maintenance — and you don’t have to figure it out alone.

Building Envelope Allies has more than 40 years of experience in energy consulting, and we’ve worked with thousands of building owners to evaluate and improve their energy usage. Schedule time to talk with our team to find a program that’s right for you.